Thursday, July 19, 2012


Mood: Happy
Listening to: The ever present construction noise. Seriously – I don’t recall voluntarily deciding to live in a construction site.

 Hello, hope everyone is having a brilliant week. I’m in an especially happy mood today because we only have 2 more days before Daddy G is back in India. Yay!

I was contemplating things today as I was making out with/drinking my morning coffee. I started out by having a serious fantasy about some pasta. Don’t judge, besides, it was a lot less hot than you think, it was all about me eating some Thai flavored pasta. Then I moved on to the problem of the bees.

Before we get to the actual problem, let me let you in on a secret: I am seriously afraid of bees. Like the kind of afraid that includes me flailing my arms wildly (I know, that pisses them off, but it’s an unconscious response) ducking when they dive bomb (you can’t tell me that random flight at my head wasn’t intentional!) and running out of a room if one is there. Of course this amuses Daddy G to no end. Anything that flies and has the capacity to sting me generally inspires massive panic attacks from me. I know we need them to survive, I just don't need them to be near me.

In India, we have a various assortment of bees and wasps.  Of course there was the evil wasp/hornet that stung me in Delhi.  Worst. Sting. Ever. I seriously wanted a horse tranquilizer after that – it was that painful.

@#($&@#%& Ouch!
This is exactly what evil looks like. It was huge.

Then we have the standard rock bees, which of course build nests in my apartment complex. They’re pretty harmless if you leave them alone, but in the night, they like florescent lighting and tend to careen around wildly once they find their way in your house, stinging you if you get in the way. Think giant honey bees.

Hives of evil.

For honey bees, Indian rock bees are pretty darn big too.

And then there are the wasps/whatever they are that found their way into my house the other night. Let me explain because even Google images is failing me at finding a picture of these things. They look like wasps. Front end, thin waist and then back end that looks pointed. However, they don’t have wings like wasps. I suppose I could have tried to take a picture, but they were in full on dive-bomb mode, so I wasn’t taking any chances. Anyhow, only about 20 of these things found their way into my house the other night, much to my chagrin. I wasn’t quite sure how at the time, but nighttime and florescent bulbs around here tend to bring out all the crazy bugs. As I’ve mentioned, our house doesn’t have screens. I ended up counting about 20 of them when they settled down on the walls next to the lights. 

After a while, they get a bit gimpy and end up crawling across the floor. This is when the flip flops came out. I ended up killing almost all of them and sweeping them up. No way in Timbuktu I was going to step on any of them in my dazed stumble for the coffee in the morning.  *Shudder* I’m not even sure if they were bees, but I still can’t stand them. Turns out one of my lovely offspring left the porch door open a smidge, which may as well have been a hand written invitation for these guys to come party at my house. Thanks a lot kid.


Gossip_Grl said...

WOW on the bees and those bee hives. I am allergic. Ouch on your sting. I know the big honey bees are all over a flowering bush in my yard and if we aren't careful opening/closing the door a few have found their way in the house. :/

Becky said...

I know, right? Most of the time, the bees leave us alone, but they do tend to like the eaves under the the roof. Very glad I don't live on the top floor!! They usually only come in at night if we leave the windows/doors open and the florescent lights on.

That bee sting was absolutely awful. My daughter is very allergic to nuts, so I'm actually really glad it was me that was stung and not her, because I don't know if she's allergic to bees too.

Rusty said...

Never been stung by a bee, trying to keep my record intact

Becky said...

@Rusty - Wise choice. :-P I've only been stung 3 times in my whole life. Have to say, I'm not volunteering to have it ever happen again.

NellieVaughn said...

I am not afraid of bees. In fact, I love the little things. I've had to learn since I wear coconut oil as a moisturizer, and that makes bees want to hang out on my legs and arms. I relax, and allow it to happen. Wasps, on the other hand..I would cry. Cry hard.

Becky said...

I'm not even sure why I'm so afraid of them. It's not like I've been stung tons of times or attacked or anything, but I just can't sit still and let them be.

My youngest has super dry skin/eczema and we use coconut oil on her all the time!