Friday, June 22, 2012

Improvement in Increments

Mood: Happy – I have my 4 year old curled up sleeping on me

Listening to: Never Easy – Kurt Nilsen, Love him hard.

I’m generally hanging around waiting for the greenlight on a project and thus decided to do some writing. Sigh. Not that kind of greenlight folks. Hopefully if my life ever gets that amazeballs, I hope I’ll be smart enough not to tell the internetz. You web-tubes just can’t keep a secret, can you, ya gossipy bastards. Although, if life ever took that turn, I probably would tell everyone. Think about it. That would be epic.  In reality, it’s an IT project that I need to make sure is taken off the server before I go in and mess around with stuff.  I love admin privileges.

Speaking of the word epic, I can’t say/write it without thinking of a certain friend and subsequently missing him. I miss you and your epic-ness Da. Whiskey and late night drunken chicanery just aren’t the same without you.

Sorry for the digression. I’m feeling mentally scatter-ish today.

So there are plans to actually exercise today. Stop laughing, I’m serious.  Kettle ball exercise. 5 pm today. I’m sure you’ll all be thoroughly entertained for the next few days hearing about how old/gimpy I am after actually using my non-existent muscles. I’m half excited, half terrified. Ok, after the fan incident it’s mostly terror. If anyone has online exercise video suggestions, I’m still looking for some. Also – what music motivates you when you exercise? I generally stick to some amped up GNR, Metallica, etc. I need some variety. The plan right now is to go back to my old work out of switching off cardio and weights (strength training) every other day.

I’m doing well keeping the coke (a-cola) under control. I think I’m successful at keeping it down to once a week, although I’m still fighting the cookie urge. It’s weird. In some things, I’m disciplined all friggin get out, in others, constant fail. I buy cookies for treats for my kids for school lunch, but it’s damn impossible to keep my grubby little fingers out of them, and it is never just one cookie.

Another thing I’m working on is the breakfast problem. After 5 years on the oatmeal breakfast bandwagon, I have fallen off. It’s not a stupid dieting idea, it’s not boredom with oatmeal, it’s just laziness. I’m a coffee junkie. I will stab someone before giving up my 2 cup a day habit. However, I tend to get sucked into work/Pinterest while enjoying said coffees. Then I just figure it’s too much effort and I’ll just eat more lunch, which never happens. This lends to my decidedly veloceraptorish demeanor when we eat dinner at 9. So yes, breakfast, it needs to happen.

I have found some zinc heavy vitamins that my Md recommended, so the vitamins must happen every day too with the oatmeal.

Hit me up with your exercise/music/life improvement suggestions. I’m all about making it awesome right now.


P.S - The new blog photo is one of my own hence not credited to anyone else. Don't steal my photo you punks.


Lady in Red said...

Very nice photo!

I've just been listening to podcasts when I walk. I like Car Talk lol... and just tried WTF which was funny.

No ideas for breakfast other than my latest yoghurt, raw oats, raspberry jam thing. It's sooooo good! It's like eating cheese cake or something lol... sort of like eating a dessert but really it's very healthy.

Or I do the same with bananas instead.

Becky said...

I like the idea of podcasts. Where does one come across podcasts? I know, I know, my technological savvy is showing again. ;-) I'm aware of what they are, just never found one to listen to.

I'm going to have to try this raw oats, yogurt and raspberry jam idea. It definitely sounds like something I'd like and still has oatmeal.