Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An Intervention, or Not.

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As I’ve discussed before in this post, moderation is just not my strong suite. I’m not quite sure why people loved that post so much, but sure.

After we moved to India, my coffee habit was changed for a while. I absolutely LOVE Indian coffee. However, it just doesn’t have the same punch as American coffee does. Sometimes, I need the energy – I crave it. I’ve also said that with a smidge less discipline and more exposure to an epic friend of mine, I could easily be an alcoholic. I’m afraid the same can be said of coffee. Hello, my name is Becky and I’m a coffee addict. I’ve recently reverted to using strong instant coffee.

I’ve had a cup of coffee (mostly iced) every morning for the past 5 years. These days I find it hard to function and actually wake up if this doesn’t happen. As per my usual thinking, if one cup is good, 2 must be amazing for energy purpose.  This leads to some pretty crazy bursts of ideas and activity. The thing is, I like it. At the best of times, I tend to be a bit manic. I could give you a couple of reasons for this, but I would be boring myself even more than I would be boring you. I have my reasons for craving the intense burst of activity.

Since we’ve moved to India, I’ve been much less alcohol soaked. It’s just too expensive here to drink like we did in the US. I’m pretty fond of alcohol. It makes me relaxed, happy, and chatty. Caffeine is pretty much on the opposite end. It doesn’t make me mad or antisocial, but the energy and focus rush that come along with a few cups of coffee are amazing.  I feel like I can take on anything. I’m much less likely to have happy laughing conversations, but the ideas fly fast and furious.

The only thing I’m wary of is having too much. As with alcohol, I know my caffeine limits. I have had times when I felt like I needed to peel myself off the ceiling with a putty knife. The out of control pulse, shaking hands and brain that feels like it’s going to explode because my thoughts are running wild. Yes, as with everything else in life, I have found the outer limit.

What’s your relationship with coffee?

2 comments: said...

My experience with coffee includes the time in college that I made a pot at 4:00 AM during an all night cram session. I poured it into one of those 7-11 64 oz cups and drank it.

Then I went into the kitchen and looked at the empty pot. Hmmm, I thought I made a full one. Repeat.

Finally, I noticed I was really freaking out and realized what I had done. Over the phone with a nurse, we determined that my pulse was erratic. "Do you want us to send an ambulance?" "No, I feel like WALKING!"

Caffeine overdose. Given some meds to calm me down, sent home, didn't sleep for 36 hours. Yowza.

Becky said...

Wow! I don't think I ever had to seek medical attention - more like a this has to stop you crazy bitch, put down the coffee cup types.