Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Shit that Just Wouldn't Fit

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The G family is moving to India. There. I’ve told you, just like I’ve told everyone I’ve come across in the last few weeks, including random store clerks. I just can’t seem to stop telling random people that my family is moving almost exactly half way around the world. That’s not what I wanted to talk about today though. If you want more info on this, see my Masala blog here.

What has caught my attention for the moment is shit that just will not fit.  Part of the moving process is weeding through my closet and my almost endless supply of black Guns N Roses tee shirts. India, you’re on notice. I’m a GNR freak and I am bringing every last one of those tees. Ahem. Anyhow.  Mother nature has seen fit to curse me with freakin ginormous boobs. Which I hate. It makes it very difficult for me to find clothes that fit well. My clothes either fit my boobs and are too large everywhere else, or fit my body and look absurdly small across my chest.

So I spent most of last weekend trying on clothes and then tossing them in the give-away pile.  The husband has complained that I look like I’m trying to be a boy in my black tees and cargo shorts, but honey, when you have what I have to work with, it’s easier and less awkward to wear looser stuff. I’m slowly trying to get more into the girly thing with skirts and lower cut shirts. I ended up getting rid of almost half my wardrobe, most of which was shit that just wouldn't fit. What I can’t quite figure out is how I ended up with so much stuff like that.  I think I need to be more careful when I shop.


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