Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Day Creativity Died

Listening to: The beautifully haunting wail of Axl and Slash together.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a sad announcement to make. Creativity has died. “What? Fooey on you.” you say? Let me explain. I was reading Food and Wine magazine today (because I am all about the food) and noticed that they were endorsing something called a spoonula. Eh, what? What the hell is a spoonula? So glad you wondered. A spoonula is a rubber/silicone spatula in the shape of a spoon.

When did this meshing of words become such a big phenomenon? I kind of rolled my eyes at Brangelina, because couples can be sort of excused for doing gag worthy stuff like this when they’re in love, but I draw the line at spork because it has pop culture cred. Seriously. Spoonula.

Have we lost all sight of creativity that we can’t think of individual names and have resorted to smashing words together to create new words that really aren’t all that cute? Sarah Palin, I may have to lay the blame at you and the nut jobs that took “refudiate” seriously. This is part of the joy of inventing something fabulous. You can give it a fabulous name too. Recycling an old incarnation name of the product and mashing it with another old name is just lame.

Unfortunately, the spoonula isn’t even all that great of an invention. It’s a spatula with scrapers on both edges. Eh…..why did it take so long to figure out that this would be a fabulous idea? Picture it. Some guy sitting in a lab being paid to think up awesome ideas. “I got one, I got one. What if we put scraping edges on both sides!” And Alice Cooper is left slapping his head about why he didn’t come up with this one either.

Creativity folks, has left the building.


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