Friday, October 22, 2010

Status Update

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 So. This is the state of the union at the G household. The (affectionately named) ball and chain is having another protracted “life crisis type thing” as to what to do with his job and his career. Not at all helpful in planning anything beyond….oh…Christmas. The kids are largely unaware, but it puts me on edge because I am one of those people who have to plan everything ahead of time. Bah. 

Eldest daughter is in 2nd grade and we have entered another period of time when every single boundary we have ever even thought of, nonetheless implemented, is being tested. It’s enough to make me want to run away screaming and join the circus, which I have in fact threatened, but to no avail.  My 6 going on 16 year old. I can already see the full head of grey/white hair having that one for a teenager will bring. After all, she is almost just like I was when I was younger and quite a bit of me still is. She is playing soccer, much to her chagrin. This is mainly to do with her having to do anything that she is not instantly good at. Because, you know, it’s HARD WORK Mom! *Shudder*

Younger daughter has started 3 year old preschool in spite of not turning 3 until December. She is thoroughly enjoying herself in her “school.” She’s a pretty happy kid, with some whining thrown in that I swear her sister is teaching her on the sly at night. Not that I can complain though – she is 2. I will count my lucky stars that she is not a tantrum throwing little evil troll like her sister was at 2. I will thank my stars indeed.

As for me, I am rapidly approaching baldness. Ok, not really baldness per say, but hair is abandoning my scalp at a frightening pace. I have been to a few doctors who have informed me that my blood tests and hormone levels are indeed normal (just when I was hoping for an underactive thyroid!) and that my diet is screwed up. Eh, what? I eat barley, salmon and raw broccoli because I like them. I eat that way all the time. What? Let’s get something straight. I’m not anorexic. Not even close. I haven’t cut any food groups at ALL out of my diet, with the exception of sugar and fast food if you consider that a food group, because I don’t believe in unhealthy dieting. What I have been doing is eating smaller portions and really focusing on simple foods – raw veggies, healthy protein (lentils, fish, chicken – nothing fried), plain nonfat yogurt, fresh fruits… etc. So what gives? How in the world do I improve on this??? I wasn’t particularly impressed with this doctor because he seemed to like hearing himself talk, but didn’t offer much support for the advice he gave – i.e. what exactly was in my diet and how to improve it. I keep telling the husband that one of these days I’ll just shave my head and start over, but that seems to make him oddly distressed instead of bringing the smile I was looking for. Other than that, My time is largely taken up by my work (from home) and trying to keep up our house. I’m trying to keep up with the blogs and reading. I spend my 3 mornings a week to myself usually writing. Due to a computer SNAFU I lost my recipe database. I have been working to rebuild.  It’s rather depressing, because it truly was a work of art. At least for me it was.


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