Monday, April 20, 2009

Popping my head out of the gopher hole to see the sun

Mood: Sunshine and warmth deprived
Listening to: Collective Soul - Let Your Light Shine Down

Um hi. Are you still here? I believe I used to blog on here. I’ve been trying to get back for quite some time, but you know how it is. Life has been occurring, children have been distracting. Anyhow.

So. You might want to take a seat for this one. I got a job. A real, adult-type-paying-job that has nothing to do with serving food. I do editing for an online education/certification firm, which shall remain nameless in the instance that they don’t want to be named. I work part time from home building and editing courses through online tools. It really wasn’t what I wanted when I interviewed with the company, but I enjoy it a lot now that I’m doing it. It has helped my family adjust slowly to my working. Hubs in particular was concerned that he might be asked to do more work around the house if I was working full time. I know, you poor, poor baby. I do wish I was a little busier with it, but I guess I’d rather be a little under-busy rather than swamped. I also get paid quite a bit more than I was expecting, so I’m definitely counting my blessings.
Aside from that, just caught up in the day to day whirlwind of raising my girls and going through life with the husband. Waiting for a visit from the mother on Memorial day. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep on top of this too. I love writing and have missed it in the time that I’ve been too sucked up with real life to blog.


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